Commercial Cold Storage with :

  • Capacity form 500 MTS to 5000-10000 MTS of Industrial Cold Storage designed by us as per customer requirement as turnkey basics.
  • Sufficient floor space area facilitates easy movement manual / forklift .
  • There are proper doors with state of the art locking systems and sufficient light points along with uninterrupted electricity supply.
    The inventory management system is fully computerized providing online updates for goods stored i.e. date of arrival and dispatch, nature of goods, quantity, packing, balance, location etc.
    Round the clock services and availability of labor at any given point in time enable us to meet the customer requirement promptly.
    Digital temperature display adds to the transparency of our service.
    Separate rooms for specialty items like vaccines, fruits with independent temperature control are also provided.
  • The Industrial Cold Storage  can accommodate more than ten containers and trucks of various sizes for simultaneous loading and unloading exercise.
  • Industrial Cold Storage chambers operating range form +2 to – 30 Deg C
  • Mezzanine floor also be constructed by us.